Asset Lifecycle Management

Increase efficiency, control and transparency 
managing your IT resources and applications.

Asset LifeCycle Management

Effective asset lifecycle management involves the integration of processes, tools, 
key information and the organization to continuously monitor the physical, 
financial, and operating aspects of IT hardware, software, networks, licenses, contracts and services.

What we offer?

The required technical & 
resources and expertise.

A reliable IT / IoT / OT and Software Asset Lifecycle Management forms the basis for security and compliance in your organization. However, such initiatives often fail to succeed due to a lack of skilled workers or the necessary resources. This serves as a gateway for attackers and as justification for software vendors to enforce audits, leaving organizations with additional workload and significant financial and reputational risks due to security and compliance breaches. It is therefore essential for every company and its auditors to ensure that the requirements for a reliable asset lifecycle management are met.

Inventory and manage your IT / IoT / OT (Industrial Control Systems) and software assets efficiently and comprehensively.
Supported by our GRC applications, we identify your critical assets and enable detailed insights into all network compatible devices, connected peripherals, installed applications and their use, regardless of the type, location or status of the devices and whether they are in the company network or not. 
(Roaming Devices)
This enables a complete and up-to-date inventory and control of your digital infrastructure and creates transparency for the evaluation of risks and optimization measures in operations, planning and costs.

With a solid asset lifecycle management, you lay the foundation for a resilient cyber security, information governance & data protection compliance management.

Areas of application

Make well-informed decisions with comprehensive, up-to-date asset management data and information. Create transparency and be proactively and preventively prepared for compelling events.

Software Asset Mangament

Improved assessment, evaluation and management of software and its usage, ensuring continuous software compliance, 
maintaining software audit readiness and reducing security, financial and 
reputational risks are the requisites for a reliable software asset lifecycle management. (SAM)
When it comes to managing software assets, companies face far-reaching challenges:

What we offer?

Strategic software license reviews, balancing & optimization


Managed Services
Subscribe to our blu SAMaaS and benefit from a comprehensive, sophisticated and powerful Software Asset Lifecycle Management approach, needed in your organization.

what we offer

Our Services


We employ a market-leading cloud-based blu Eye SAM management platform, to continuously manage, monitor, assess and report software installations, licenses, usage and the compliance status.

Through your customized and personalized management console, you receive instant and dynamic access to up-to-date reports and analyses, that you can obtain at any time.


blu SAMaaS supports you in reducing your resources, costs and risks. Our experts identify inconsistencies and optimize your software usage, increasing productivity and efficiency of your employees while improving transparency and software compliance.


You are using the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) or are obliged to employ it?

You have and cannot find experts to implement, configure, continuously monitor and update ILMT?

blu ILMTaaS is our comprehensive IBM license metric tool management solution to ensure continuous IBM license compliance in your organization.


BigFix is the system backbone of the IBM License Metric Tool.
As an HCL BigFix Premium Partner and managed service provider, we offer you technical implementation, integration, operational support and continuous updates, configurations, monitoring and periodic reports of your ILMT environment in accordance with the IBM Sub-Capacity license terms.
We manage your ILMT BigFix environment on site, in the cloud or remotely and support you with the roll-out. This saves you costs and resources relating to the infrastructure and personnel required for ILMT BigFix.
Experienced IT auditors and IBM enterprise software compliance experts will support and advise you in reviews and the implementation of your IBM software license, lifecycle and optimization projects.

Asset lifecycle management

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Our experts and technologies provide you with interdisciplinary support in accordance with the most common IT audit and software management standards.
(ISO 19770 / ISO 55001 / ITAM / ITIL)


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