Cyber Security

Put the digital security
in your company to the test

Cyber Security

Security protection for your organization

Through periodic checks or continuous monitoring of your security posture, we enable you to comprehensively verify and optimize your infrastructure, processes, requirements and policies in accordance with recognized industry standards and to ensure security compliance. Indipendently and objectively, we evaluate the long-term quality, efficiency and resilience of your company and create a high-quality security basis for the future.

What we offer?

Experts and technologies to protect
your most valuable company assets
With the technologies we employ to detect, analyse and eliminate vulnerabilities, we review the requirements to establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve your information security in accordance with the most common IT audit & security standards (BSI, CIS, ISO 27001, NIST, PCI -DSS and TISAX).


Examination and enforcement of
security policies in the organization
To ensure the security of all devices and the applications installed on them, we support you in complying with security standards even in complex and highly decentralized IT and OT environments.

Our expertise

Wherever your IT, IoT & OT devices and applications are located, we use our largely automated security compliance inspections to help enforce guidelines to reduce risks and thus ensure more transparency, e.g. in security audits.

Vulnerability Management

Identifying and predicting cyber threats
and acting in a risk-based manner
With our automated vulnerability management and penetration tests, we help you to fully and continuously visualize blind spots on the entire attack surface and thus reduce cyber risks.

The challenge

Security teams often lack a holistic understanding of the entire attack surface and struggle to identify, fully assess, and respond to all potential threats.

Our expertise

Equipped with the latest AI-supported technology, we identify, analyse and close your security gaps. The system uses predictive methods to proactively prioritize vulnerabilities where potential attacks are most likely.

The outcome

In doing so, we help you focus on the most important risks and save valuable time and effort to assess and eliminate vulnerabilities. We provide you with a clear picture of the criticality of your company assets and business operations.


Auto Pen test

We offer you highly automated and customized penetration
tests, so that no critical gaps are overlooked.
Benefit from the advantages of continuously monitoring your neuralgic systems and 
react even faster and more precisely to any cyber attacks in the future.

A short preparation time and immediate availability reduces your efforts, internal costs and expenses for 
external service providers.

You define the scope and type and execute and repeat the tests at any time and according to your actual needs. 
Comparable 3-week manual penetration tests can be completed within one day. After each test run, 
you receive comprehensive comparable reports that provide measurable developments in 
the security status for IT, security and compliance teams and your management.

Your benefit

Area of application

Make well-informed decisions with comprehensive, up-to-date security data and information. Create transparency and be proactively and preventively prepared for compelling events.

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