Digital forensic

Protect your organization against internal and external threats.
Cases of fraud, cyber attacks, violations of rules, industrial espionage or malicious sabotage increasingly cause massive damage to businesses. Current or former employees, competitors or even state actors are held responsible for potential causes of blatant damage.
require rapid answers to questions concerning the course of events, extent of damage, suspects and those involved.

What we offer?

Experts and technical support
during turbulent times
Our technology-enabled forensic methods and processes to identify and analyse potential case-relevant information and data, provides solutions for internal and external inquiries, investigations, litigation and regulatory reviews.
Often however, the required data analytic skills and technologies to conduct investigations are not or only insufficiently available. With blu Forensic-as-a-Service (FaaS), our experts not only support you with in-depth know-how, but also with many years of experience in different scenarios. In our investigations, we use the same technologies as investigative and antitrust agencies, the Federal Office for Security (BSI), the Big 4 auditors and the largest law firms worldwide, thus guaranteeing comparable results.


Conducting research, identification, collection, filtering and analyses of electronically stored information

Identification and complete collection, categorization and analysis of data and information as well as extraction, conversion and normalization of user data from various sources

Processing and data reduction, best-in-class analysis, forensic de-duplication and pre-review search, filtering and coding of data volumes under investigation

Text, audio, image and message mining, analysis of messaging systems and cloud services such as Office 365

Compliance monitoring, examination of unstructured data (e.g. text files) and structured data (e.g. databases) to identify anomalies, e.g. conspicuous account transactions

Review and quality control of information governance, the management of critical information, data and processes relevant to accomplish business, legal and regulatory objectives of the organization (e.g. in data protection )

Your benefit

Make well-founded decisions with b blu FaaS and develop your strategies at an early stage with quickly available, up-to-date and comprehensive investigation results.


Create transparency and be proactively and preventively prepared for compelling events.

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