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blu Gruppe has realized an efficient business model that facilitates first-class services, high employee motivation and an excellent cost structure. An ongoing intensive communication and cooperation with our subsidiaries is highly emphasized. The services of blu Gruppe focus on IT consulting and solutions for corporate functions within large companies and corporations, mainly in the fields of Finance, Automotive, Healthcare, Telco and IT.

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Software license compliance subsequently drives demand for improved endpoint and security management.

In accordance with IBM sub-capacity licensing rules, our client, a telecommunication company, was required to implement the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) and produce quarterly reports for applicable programs in virtualization environments. Following a strategic license and program deployment assessment, we implemented and configured ILMT/BigFix and assisted the client in generating quarterly reports, advising on optimization opportunities and license compliance risks. Subsequently we rolled out the BigFix-Inventory platform across the entire enterprise to monitor and manage all of client’s vendor software programs achieving a high degree of visibility into computing assets, software licensing usage and compliance. As a result, we identified under-utilized and over-deployed programs, significantly reducing our client’s software spent and risks. In addition, the software’s asset inventory and reporting capabilities are helping our client meet data security and privacy standards set by industry regulators and other legislation. Consequently, the client added BigFix security components to the platform repertoire.  Security controls on critical servers and workstations that manage electronic information of our client’s subscribers can now be implemented and validated, helping confirm that computers interacting with other ICT systems meet requirements for security, integrity and reliability. By using one toolset and one unified infrastructure for endpoint management, our client reduces management complexity and improves productivity, service and coverage.


When an independent second opinion can make all the difference

A software reseller claimed a license compliance issue and urged our client, a telecommunications provider to settle a true-up before an apparent vendor audit. The client turned to blu Eye for advice and after diligent investigation and proper license allocation, we established that the client was sufficiently licensed to compensate any alleged discrepancies, saving our client a seven-figure amount.


Reap more then you sow with license re-harvesting

A leading global building products company was migrating applications to the cloud with users continue to be registered through on-premise legacy systems, creating an in-direct access license compliance risk. The client turned to blu Eye and we identified that the client had ample retired enterprise licenses which would not require version updates and could be applied to cover all users accessing the legacy systems, guarding our client against significant license spend and potential compliance liabilities.


Everything is negotiable 

A public banking institution was confronted with severe financial consequences in very complex compliance settlement discussions. The client turned to blu Eye. Uncovering fact based mitigating evidences, audit report errors and contradicting license- and contract terms, we were able to shift our client’s previous defensive position to an offensive, pro-active negotiation strategy, resulting in a highly favorable outcome of the settlement negotiations for our client.


Our experts can deliver small scale solutions that fit your size, budget and claim value

A small law firm was faced with the collection of too many documents for the partner and associates to review manually. They were also concerned about the quality of the results given a tight deadline. The firm turned to blu Eye for an Early Case Assessment and after reviewing the information, we implemented a customized workflow that reduced much of the data set. A few reviewers supported the associates and saved the firm significant time and cost.


Auditing the auditor in an internal whistle blowing investigation

The General Counsel of an up-market medium-sized corporation in the hospitality industry was informed by the compliance team of a whistle blower, alleging that large sums of money are being funneled out of the company accounts directly into certain staff members’ accounts outside the monthly payroll. The company turned to blu Eye to support the compliance and legal team in their internal fraud investigation. Data, dating back ten year, had to be located, collected and processed. We were able to gather the global custodian’s data across various data sources and could identify that several people channeled a six-figure amount on an annual basis into private accounts. We ran the data search, produced a timeline and saved the company money and reputational risks. As the corporate accounts were audited annually, the company launched a lawsuit against their auditor.


When deadlines are tight and the stakes of missing them are high

An automotive supplier was ordered by the court to reveal evidences regarding an antitrust investigation launched against the company to benefit from the leniency program. The deadline set by the court to produce complete evidences was extremely tight and the stakes of missing the deadline were high. The representing law firm turned to blu Eye to find a way to efficiently collect and analyze a large amount of data and information that would have taken years to review manually. The diverse data set was reduced by over 70% and the company in-house team, the external law firm and our reviewers could review the data in under 45 days and meet the courts deadline.